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Unless the context clearly indicates to the c

ontrary, any capitalised term in this Privacy Policy shall bear the same meaning as defined on Should there be any uncertainty relating to definitions please email The definitions shall be deemed to have been inc

orporated herein by reference.


In terms of Section 14 of the Constitution of South Africa, 1996 – everyone has the right to privacy. Our Privacy Policy is developed to ensure that User’s personal information and confidentiality is safeguarded.

The following legal sources have been taken into consideration in drafting this policy: the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act, 108 of 1996, the Electronic Communications Act, 25 of 2002 and the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPI), National Credit Act 34 of 2005, the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 and the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA) and the common law so as to ensure compliance with all relevant statutory requirements and best practice under South African law.


While the Stéffani Flies Attorneys will take

all reasonably necessary steps to protect the User’s rights of privacy whilst on

Stéffani Flies Attorneys cannot accept any liability whatsoever for unauthorised or unlawful disclosure of the User’s personal and confidential information made by third parties who are not subject to the Stéffani Flies Attorneys’ control.


For purposes of this Privacy Policy, “p

ersonal information” includes the User’s initials, surname, first name, passport number/identity number, date of birth, gender, cellphone number, e-mail address, home telephone number, work telephone number, fax number, residential address, postal address, initial of spouse, first name of spouse, identity number of spouse, date of birth of spouse, name of a non-relative and contact number (required for purposes of registration) account numbers where accounts are transmitted via e-mail (required for purposes of meter readings), declaration of income (where a juristic person registers for the RSC levy service), the value of the User’s property (where the User makes use of the Valuation Service), vehicle registration number and date of offence (where a User wishes to pay a traffic fine online) and information pertaining to juristic persons (e.g. Company Name, Company registration number).


By accepting the Stéffani Flies Attorneys Website Terms, the User consents that Stéffani Flies Attorneys may collection personal information on an ongoing basis for the continued duration of the User’s relationship w

ith Stéffani Flies Attorneys.

Should you wish to withdraw your consent, kindly email


Stéffani Flies Attorneys collects personal information where such personal information is necessary for the purposes mentioned in clause 4 and more generally, to provide a particular Service.

In addition, the Stéffani Flies Attorneys also collects personal information (i) where a User subscribes for newsletter, (ii) for purpos

es of improving its Service offering, (iii) for purposes of increasing Service efficiency, (iv) for purposes of communicating with Users, (v) providing the Services to Users, (vi) authenticating a User, (vii) providing a User with access to restricted pages on the Website an

d (viii) compiling non-personal statistical information about browsing habits, click patterns and access to the Website.


The User Data collected by the Stéffani Flies Attorneys is used solely in connection with granting User’s access to the Website and for purposes of monitoring the User’s use of the Website so as to limit or prevent breaches of security.


The Stéffani Flies Attorneys will not disclose any personal information it collects to any third party without the User’s written consent, other than to credit bureaus and to other organisations where Stéffani Flies Attorneys is required to do so by law.

Stéffani Flies Attorneys will also provide personal information to law enforcement authorities in response to subpoenas and other lawful requests where Stéffani Flies Attorneys believe that the disclosure of such personal information is necessary to identify, contact or institute legal proceedings against third parties.


All personal information will only be r

etained for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes mentioned in clauses 4 and 6 above and as per legislation and regulatory bodies’ rules and regulations.


The Stéffani Flies Attorneys will use its best endeavours to keep the personal information it collects as accurate, complete and up to date as is necessary for the purposes mentioned in clause 4 and 6 above, and Stéffani Flies Attorneys shall, from time to time, request the User to update its personal information via email or in person.

Users are able to review or update any personally identifiable information that Stéffani Flies Attorneys holds on the User by ema


In order to better protect Users and safeguard personal information, Stéffani Flies Attorneys does take steps to verify a user’s identity before granting access to its account or making any corrections to its personal information.

As part of its routine maintenance, Stéffani Flies Attorneys removes undelivered e-mail addresses from its database after a period of three months.


Stéffani Flies Attorneys uses encryption, firewalls and other security technology and procedures to help protect the confidentiality of personal information and prevent unauthorized access or improper use thereof. All personal information will be stored and securely hosted and located in a secure environment

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