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How to survive your articles

We all know the joke that being a candidate attorney is like riding a bike, except for the bike is on fire and the road is on fire. It can be stressful to be a candidate attorney, but here is an easy guide on how to cope with that stress.

What helped me to get through my articles were my support group consisting out of my husband, parents, my best friends and my colleagues. The support group motivated me when I had a difficult day at the office and when I had to study. This tip comes down to this - surround yourself with people who supports you and will cheer you on.

Secondly, have a hobby. Hobbies come in many forms for some it is gym or arts and crafts and even baking. Practicing your hobby help you keep the balance between work and relaxation. It is okay to relax and take a "me day" every once in a while.

The third tip, is the most difficult, planning. Planning ensures that you do not miss any appointments and that you meet your personal goals. Plan your day ahead and set reasonable goals to achieve. Planning also helps to reduce your stress and put you in control of your day.

Fourth, when it comes to studying for the board exams, set reasonable goals. Plan your studies as well as your study leave. Do not leave everything for the last minute. Even if you study one chapter a day, it is one chapter less to worry about.

The last tip - do not be to hard on yourself. We all made mistakes during our articles. Articles help you learn the practice and the best way to learn is out of your mistakes. It is okay to make mistake. Do not beat yourself up if and when you make a mistake, it happens to all of us.

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